Sunday, November 14, 2004

good fatigue

Sunday was a family filled day for Patti and her favorite outing a trip to the movies.


Some days living with MS can be a fairly normal day. To be sure they begin and end at a 24/7 care facility for Patti and she is wheel chair confined however without additional surprises, flare ups of symptoms, or accidents the time together can be enjoyable for all.


MS unpredictability may be its most frustrating aspect from the caregiver perspective. It’s blind luck or maybe fate as to how your time is going to go. Sure you can ‘prepare’ and improve your odds but never quite control them. Nor can you give up trying.


I picked Patti up after lunch and we headed for an afternoon matinee of “Polar Express” along with our daughter and Patti’s parents. Afterwards it was hot chocolates, ‘egg nog’ latte, and sweets at Starbucks along with conversation and family time.


Returning Patti to 24/7 care for dinner she bumped into her brother and his family who had stopped by to visit with Patti. It was a pleasant surprise ending to her day.


Before I left, Patti wanted me to make sure to remind staff that she was really looking forward to going to bed IMMEDIATELY AFTER dinner <grin>.


Fatigue is fatigue and just an MS symptom you could observe. Yet some days ‘how’ Patti gets fatigued can be as good as medicine.

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  1. Sounds like a great family day!  Glad you able to spend the time together.  Sometimes families drift apart and forget how important each person is to the other.


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