Tuesday, August 09, 2005

CARER & Quality of Life

“My mother was 35 when she was diagnosed with MS. … It was not only the rapid progression of the illness that affected my mother – and us, her family. It was the rapid deterioration of the quality of her life, her self-esteem, her independence….” 

                                                       J.K. Rowling


As a daughter who has known what it is like to grow up with MS in her family, and the best selling author of the Harry Potter series, J K Rowling pens the foreword to the Principles To Promote Quality Of Life For People With MS” on the Multiple Sclerosis International Federation (MSIF) web site.


As Rowling reflects, “…There never seemed to be quite enough money to provide services for people with MS; the only option was to be hospitalised. … Quality of life is something we must all fight for in every country around the world, and to fight we need tools that are appropriate to the battle ahead.”


“… internet communication will allow a sharing of experiences…”


-- it was kind of cool recently to find my own AOL Journal Caregivingly Yours “suggested” in two Australian caregiver publications or “carer” publications as they call it down under.


I found the PRINCIPLES enlightening to read and consider. As a ‘carer’ you get hammered into your immediate space, situation, and time. The bigger picture of at least 2 and a half million people with MS around the world, plus their CARERS’ and families is perspective.


None of this ever helps immediately or tangibly. However, from the earliest desperate days as a CARER, it was a breakthrough when I learned the simple truth that I was not alone. We were not alone. Internet communication was indeed one of the “tools” I needed for the “battle ahead”.


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