Tuesday, August 02, 2005

entry from another member’s journal

Following up on yesterday’s a New American Gothic entry I wanted to share a recent entry from another AOL journal:  


talking about my MS  


“…We do not become sudden lepers who need to live on the outskirts of town.  We do not want to be untouchable. … “ , says so much – please take the time to read and think.


TO CARE, I look at in this journal from the caregiver perspective. Patti can no longer take care of herself. Christina’s entry about her feelings and MS is a rare insight.


‘On our patio’ as a caregiving pair our feelings are really no different. MS progression has simply robbed Patti of ability to hold or retain those feelings or memories. As the caregiver I do have to choose to stir the cauldron and remind  Patti of the injustice or create as safe and enjoyable family time together as possible. It's always kind of weird.

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  1. oh wow....thank you.

    It is hard to be truthful and not too scary.  My mom reads my journal and cries because she sees the worst.  I write and laugh because I see the best of it.

    Thank you.


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