Thursday, August 25, 2005

TO CARE and the "skills" to care

TO CARE and the "skills" to care can be a significant gap. It does seem resources are becoming more available.


A brochure from a local community college arrived in the mail advertising courses on ‘Medical Terminology’, and ‘Intro to Medical Insurance’ for a medical insurance billing technician program.  In consideration of both the uncountable number of hours over the years and the percentage of hours in any given week devoted to medical insurance related paperwork, courses like these could be a prudent investment for a caregiver.


Over the weekend I received a brochure from our local MS chapter, Planning Today For Our Tomorrow “… Remaining optimistic about the future is important. It is also helpful to take a clear look at your income, assets, debts, benefits, and other resources. We are pleased to offer this program for people with MS, family members, caregivers, and significant others … concerning long term care options….”  Advertised discussions include Medicaid, legal issues, estate planning, power of attorney, and estate administration process.


WOW! Just a little over two years ago a phone call to this same local chapter inquiring about some legal questions and financial planning for long term care yielded nothing, not even the vaguest of suggestions. (No! Let me correct that, after being forwarded to multiple people within the chapter office and time spent ‘on hold’, the consensus was I could try the ‘yellow pages’. <grin>)


This journal began in part to share our experiences in that journey into the unknown.


Seize short cuts for knowledge whenever available. The School of Hard Knocks is a slow teacher.


In the dawn of our situation I was overwhelmed and lost. Nearly two decades ago resources were not what they are today. We didn’t even own a home PC. <grin>

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  1. Since I am only recently dx it is very educational for me to get to see this illness from your point of view.  I guess in a odd way I am grateful to just be starting on this road now instead of 8 years ago...

    I feel lucky to have started a treatment two weeks after being told "you have MS."

    Thank you for your faithful sharing and teaching.


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