Thursday, August 18, 2005

immunity to ‘brain freeze’?

Visiting with Patti Monday night, we found her lined up in front of the facility’s mega screen TV for an “evening at the movies” program.


Patti was certainly content and downright chatty about how she likes old movies like “Sound of Music.”


However, my mind just can’t leave the scene alone and starts to run through ‘checks and balances’.


Tuesday evening, Patti and I stopped for a Misto shake at a local Rita's. MS related eye and hand coordination problems leaves shakes the best of possible treats for Patti. Again I find myself surrounding her contentment and enjoyment like a sentry.


The caregiver mind wrestles with more enemies than the hands will ever find foes. Most frustrating of all, your shield can never protect from the relentless progression of disease.


Watching Patti inhale the Misto shake (think fusion of ice cream and Italian ice with bountiful flavor options) I was developing empathy ‘brain freeze’. <grin> Pausing only to gulp air like a swimmer in competition Patti just kept sucking it down while my brain began to writhe in pain.


Listening to her slurp every conceivable last drop I wondered if MS progression produces an immunity to ‘brain freeze’. Now there is a grant waiting to be written. <grin>               

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