Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Caregiving: dessert & coffee

     To embrace gusting winter winds is to inhale the FULL life force …  it was a PEFECT evening for a mid-week break of dessert and coffee at Casa Mani Caffe. Patti nourished herself with chocolate mousse torte and hot chocolate, while I feasted on pumpkin cheesecake with Caffè Macchiato (with extra espresso). After all, I was doing the pushing    

     We also enjoy this Italian style coffee shop because, as you may notice from the picture, even though located in the historic downtown district there are no steps to get in. Living with Multiple Sclerosis in our family you notice such details and you patronize accordingly.

     Wheelchair friendly environment plus delightful food and beverage is a treat. Throw in a bracing ‘bear hug’ from Old Man Winter and you have to wonder what you did to get this lucky.


  1. hi; this is my first time commenting in your journal although I've read back a few entries. This was a neat refreshing thing to read. Caregiving is exhausting; seems like you are trying to find a way to make it work and to find and live a life while you do so. That takes a lot of courage and strength; my hat off to both you and your wife.

    The desserts sounded delicious!

    I'll be back,


  2. It still amazes me how many places aren't for the handicapped. And some who are make the journey hard. They have access but not enough or the right kind. One place I know has small ramps but is on a slope so the chair leans to the right and it impossible to push yourself and makes it very hard on others pushing.


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