Thursday, January 26, 2006

Caregiving: Medicare Drug Chaos

Government Orders Emergency Assistance

in Medicare Drug Chaos

     It’s frightening that our government “created” this chaos and now is ordering “emergency assistance”. God help us!

     Even Patti has become ensnarled because her care facility pharmacy mistakenly billed Medicaid in 2005 for Patti’s prescriptions (instead of her private prescription plan) which in turn triggered automatic enrollment in Medicare D for 2006. No one can explain this, however ...

     At risk is forfeiture of her private prescription program through her long term disability policy. Unequivocally this is insane as no Medicare D policy even resembles the benefits of her private prescription package.

     … and once again someone else’s mistake has put Patti’s care options at risk. Trying to unravel the mistakes of bureaucratic juggernauts in the middle of this chaos is … how can I best put it … "deja vu" doesn’t quite fit … perhaps in song?…

“It's astounding

Time is fleeting

Madness takes its toll ..."

The Time Warp from Rocky Horror Picture Show

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  1. this Medicare drug plan is such a nightmare to read about. I can't imagine having to deal with it, especially if it impacts the care of your loved one. What was the government thinking???



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