Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Caregiving: keeping time with a dandelion clock

     Sunday, as I was about to call the 24/7 care facility and ask them to please prepare Patti to go home for the evening; instead I received a call from them.

     After the nursing staff had dressed Patti following her afternoon nap, she surprisingly asked them to call and tell me she was "ready to be picked up".

     Evidence of a psychic connection? <grin> No, even more impressive, possibly some evidence of continuing improvement in memory, cognition, and/or reasoning. 

     This particular week I had worked methodically to remind and reinforce with Patti that I would pick her up Sunday afternoon. My work schedule prevented any outings since our Wednesday coffee house excursion. 

     Homemade cognitive rehabilitation therapy for Patti has become a quest of mine over the past year. This was only the second time Patti has ever asked them to call me in 21 months. I cannot even remember when she last 'remembered' a future plan and reasoned through the steps necessary to make it happen.

     Living with Multiple Sclerosis in our family for two decades I know better than to ever claim a victory. All you can do is enjoy little miracles and hope for more.

    We seized the few hours for dinner and the latest Jim Carey movie, “Fun With Dick And Jane” before Patti abruptly ran the fatigue flag up the pole with the announcement, “I just want to go to sleep.” (Less than 5 hours after she got up from her nap and was 'ready to be picked up'.<grin>) 

     There are moments in all this when I wonder if time isn't more appropriately kept with a dandelion clock. 


  1. For whatever reason she remembered to call; I bet that did make your day that she did! I hope the time spent together was enjoyable by the two of you.


  2. You do enjoy the little miracles, it seems... and the dandelion metaphor was a nice touch. Loved the little photo... so appropriate. I hope you have another wonderful surprise this week. Bea


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