Friday, January 06, 2006

Caregiving: prescription naps

     Dental appointment, a couple evenings of family time at home, accessible vehicle meeting, and like any Penn State alumnus Patti had to watch the Orange Bowl (she did make it though half-time). MS-related fatigue may as well be an additional companion; it has so impacted these last 4 days.  

     My previous post regarding NMSS brochure is related to my campaign to have ‘naps’ considered part of Patti’s ‘treatment’. Currently she may or may not nap daily depending on her memory symptoms and the availability of activities at care facility. Residents cannot be ‘required’ to do anything unless medically prescribed.

     I hope to have structured napping “strongly encouraged” as part of her care plan. It is my observation and experiences that Dr. Jekyll vs Mr. Hyde swings in physical and cerebral symptoms are linked to MS-related fatigue in Patti’s case. This in turn dramatically impacts Patti’s involvement and efforts to keep her involved in family.

     Anecdotal cause and effect is proof enough for common sense driven homecare. Professional care needs to feed on documentation and references to support the same approach. NMSS ‘Professional Resource Center publications and clinical bulletins are designed and packaged for professional healthcare. They “empower” caregiver and/or patient suggestions.

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