Thursday, June 22, 2006

Caregiving: Personal Health Record

     I’ve frequently discussed the critical need to computerize medical records as a caregiver. Over the years, my ability to simply take a disc out of my ‘man purse’ while accompanying Patti on an appointment to share some previous test result, etc on a physician’s PC has not only saved time and money but improved the quality of Patti’s appointments especially with specialists.       

     While recently reading some related articles I learned about a site that even offers personal health record ‘tools’ both for free and download purchase. I can’t endorse one way or another as I’ve never tried these products but I know some people like “forms” and “tools”. You can check it out at 


(PHR=Personal Health Record, sponsored by American Health Information Management Association.)


  1. great information to have, Patrick. I know it is of utmost importance for physicians to have access to all medical records of a patient


  2. Definetely worth a look see.  Thanks for the link.



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