Friday, June 23, 2006

Caregiving: stalking the Thunderbird

     With thunder booming, wind wailing and pelted with hail and rain you have to stand your ground when stalking the legendary Thunderbird. … Oh, and don’t forget to click the camera.

     What does this have to do with caregiving? I have no idea … but it sure was fun. <grin>


  1. fun:) have a good weekend


  2. beautiful!!! I love a good thunder and lightening storm as long as it doesn't cause damage. Amazing, they have free internet at our hotel!!!


  3. .........looks a little too close for comfort :) but must have been great. Rache

  4. You captured that lightning beautifully! I haven't been as successful, although the lightning we saw two nights ago was quite substantial, lighting up the night sky with electric brilliance. "What does this have to do with caregiving?" Even in the midst of all the responsibilities of caregiving, one has time to enjoy a hearty, thunderous rainstorm. Sort of like stopping to smell the roses, don't you think? Thanks for sharing the moment with us! bea

  5. .....from the weather report it seems you may be having more of those brilliant skies.  Hope the flooding is away from your area.  Beautiful picture.


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