Thursday, June 29, 2006

Caregiving: Water, water, everywhere ...

     This picture is of our favorite park where Patti roars around in her scooter. We thought we would take a break while the sun was out – only to find our park was now a pond. <grin> Since my last post of lightning in the night sky, 7 inches of rain has fallen in our town.

      Nestled in the Cumberland Valley we’ve dodged, so far, the deluge dumped on areas only a hop, skip, and jump away.  Of course a break in the rain is always dangerously misleading, now it all has to flow somewhere. Runoff floods creeks which flood streams and so on until the Susquehanna River overflows its banks.

     The sudden unpredictability of weather always affects caregiving because able bodied and disabled people have different abilities and therefore options when it comes to reacting. “Boil Water Alerts” and “Safe Water” distribution centers sound so simple, but are they if you are challenged physically or mentally – or dependent on others for transportation?

     There is NOTHING anyone can do about weather, except always be prepared. Have basic emergency supplies on hand and a plan or two thought out. After all a beautiful summer’s night lightning show might not just be a passing thunderstorm.


  1. wow lots of water:) we need the rain here


  2. wow, you guys did get a lot of rain, Patrick! I can't imagine that much falling at one time. Settling in at our new location; catching up on entries; just got internet today.



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