Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Caregiving: two furry amigos?

     Cleaning out some files I rediscovered this picture, which I always thought would be a perfect NYC tourism poster <grin>. It captures the indomitable, and often paradoxical, but always unique spirit that is New York City   

     Through out the years I would take Megan on “able bodied” trips and such because besides “living with MS” in the family she also had to learn to grow up and live in the “able bodied” world. … and there is a difference.

     In the able bodied world impulsive decisions can actually be fun. Family outings with Patti were dominated by methodical planning and preparation. We believed she should grow up “knowing” and experiencing both.

     One beautiful “Spring” morning in January we jumped on a train for a day trip to NYC. We were enjoying a street vendor lunch, sitting on the wall of Central Park South, directly across from the fabled Plaza Hotel when I snapped this picture of two furry amigos, a squirrel and a rat.

     Somehow I don’t think the richly expensive Central Park South hotels advertise this view of Central Park. <grin>


  1. Pictures like this remind me to always carry a camera because you just never know what you are going to see. Your interpretation of the photo illustrates your charming sense of humor, too! bea

  2. I know exactly what you are talking about with the spontaneity of able-bodied people opposed to those that aren't as able. It does take more careful planning. I really admire you and Patti, Patrick, for realizing this and for allowing Megan to see and experience "both sides of the story". Ever consider writing a book of your experiences?



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