Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Caregiving: OMG my van has been shot

It can be eerie how an idea stream such as ‘the cognitive universe’ can connect several entries. How could I have forgotten those who “choose” to misuse their cognitive abilities.


This morning I answered my door bell at 6:50 AM to find a Pennsylvania State Trooper at my door. Of course, my mind began running through all the imagined possibilities, before he could open his mouth.


Wishing me a hearty good morning he explained that vandals had gone through the neighborhood overnight shooting at cars with a pellet or BB gun. My van had been shot.


Operating with only one cup of morning coffee and still flabbergasted by a State Trooper at my door in the dark with a mega powerful flashlight in his hand my brain finally clicked over that everyone I know is OK. Whew! … Then, Oh My God my wheel chair accessible van has been shot!


Still barefoot and dressed only in my bedtime smiley face bright yellow pants and t-shirt I abandoned sense of public fashion and bolted to the driveway to … what? Hold it in my arms? Call 911? Would it live?


Fortunately the Trooper pointed out how bad of a shot the vandals were as they had missed my rear windshield and hit the back panel of my van. Dozens of cars that he had so far discovered had been shot and many had windshields broken and shattered.


I must admit I had read about such incidents or heard about it on the news and thought how grateful I was it couldn’t happen around here, so much for that line of thought.


People who ‘choose’ to abuse their cognitive abilities are everywhere.


Oh, why a State Trooper? It seems the first vehicle reported was a State vehicle. The ‘heat’ is on.


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer




  1.  I have lost a window to that type of dumb fun.  Sheesh get a life kids.  Glad it wasn't any worse then it was.


  2. I'm sure the smiley-face bright yellow pants diverted their attention from having a direct hit to the window in spite of you being indoors when they were shooting!!  In other words, blinded by the light..... <grin>

    Glad it wasn't any worse than that!!


  3. sounds like the kids in the neighborhood need to stay home. hope they catch the bad ones


  4. I bet when that  trooper went home at the end of his shift.........his wife said....well dear how was your day and he had to tell about the yellow smiley outfit!


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