Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Caregiving: virtual mobility & FUN

When Nintendo launched their latest generation Nintendo Wii for the couch potatoes of the world, it also opened a door for those “confined” to a sitting position. 


At Patti’s care facility Nintendo Wii when played on their mega screen TV has become a portal to virtual bowling, golf, etc and all variety of simple video games. I understand from the facility activity coordinator that this is becoming a standard among care facilities / nursing homes everywhere.


So the next time you hear the sounds of racing cars, tennis, baseball, golf, bowling, or boxing accompanied by cheers, groans, laughter and possibly even cursing coming from a party room it may not just be teen agers. <grin>


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer


  1. That seems like a fantastic idea to have in a care facility!!  I used to monitor lunch in the dining room for patients at the nursing facility.  I used to love having access to the CD player.  I would always pop in Frank Sinatra Duets for the patients to listen to while they eat lunch.  But if they had a game system......that would be interesting.

  2. :) I like that 'teen agers' word you have there.  The wii is stimulating and fun.......I wish I had one. Rache

  3. Fun stuff!! Great for hand/eye coordination!

  4. Sounds like for once technology is benefitting those who could use the extra edge in life. What a wonderful idea! (Hugs) Indigo

  5. I've been looking for one of those ever since they've came out, and everyone sells out of them so quick! Thats the same reason I want one....the bowling...and you don't sit to play, you stand! And I really thing thats one of the best ideas ever for a game box! Thank you for sharing!


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