Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Caregiving: video anniversary

“A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.” (Henry Brooks Adams)


A year ago this week a special education teacher in Alabama, Jackie of AOL Journal “LIFE IN BAMA”, nudged me in Pennsylvania to try You Tube to communicate “Caregivingly Yours”.


A year later, between You Tube and Google Video, people have watched and perhaps experienced our story of living with Multiple Sclerosis over 15,000 times through our videos.


Apparently visual communication can also reach beyond the limitations of language. Our caregiving and living with MS videos have been linked and embedded in non-English journals and web sites. I am aware of links in French, Spanish, Portuguese, Danish, Swedish, Dutch, German, Turkish, and Asian character script.


Two videos lead the pack in views:

12 months on line (debut video)

·     caring on: Multiple Sclerosis & family - wheelchair rollin'    

·     Views: 3,568 (You Tube) + 182 (Google Video)

6 months on line  

·     caring on: Multiple Sclerosis & family - wheelchair van

·     Views: 2,033 (You Tube) + 95 (Google Video)  


Between You Tube & Google Video, four others have crossed the 1,000 views bench mark:

9 months on line

·     caring on: MS & family – choking   

·     caring on: MS & family - scooter sleigh ride    

·     caring on: MS - assistive technology    

6 months on line:

·     caring on: MS & family – cognitive challenges    


Maybe I’m old enough to simply be easily impressed with technology but I still find it overwhelming. … and again, special thanks to my muse, Jackie, on this video anniversary. 


Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer




  1. What a wonderful way to encourage others with MS and caregiving. Congratulations on the one year anniversary of one of your videos. I have found since I've been online for the past 10 months, the internet has allowed me to share the world of deafness with so many others, who other wise had no clue. Technology definitely is a bridge for so many. (Hugs) Indigo

  2. i always watch all the videos thank you for sharing


  3. Wow, Patrick... 15,000 views... that's incredible!! You have reached beyond our country... you are reaching the entire world... incredible! So glad you discovered YouTube... and three cheers for Jackie!! bea

  4. Thank you, Patrick!! Happy Anniversary to you, also my friend. I have enjoyed watching all of your videos and always look forward to the next one. I don't really have a favorite because all show different levels of MS with the family influence. The family b & w videos are very educational. It's always interesting to me to see the changes (I like old b & w movies, too!!).

    I'm so glad you made the step into the world of 'You Tube' and 'Google'! I'm looking forward to many, many more videos!

    Thanks for the quote!

  5. .............how fortunate to connect with a good teacher....congratulations on the far reaching encouragment for caregivers!

  6. As you thank Jackie, we can thank you Patrick, I learn so much here, and in a far more honest way than simply doing dry research online.  With your help, I can honestly say I've found positive, constructive, joyful ways to relate to my brother, and continuing to love him even if he isn't sure who I am sometimes.  xo CATHY


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