Saturday, March 22, 2008

Caregiving: "the Easter people"

How do you observe a day like ‘Good Friday’ when Multiple Sclerosis cognitive impairment and short term memory loss blanket any day in mental fog?


Caregivers just do the best they can and hope for some connection with the world, small or big.


Patti’s dysphagia and challenges with eating eliminates any boney fish. As spouse caregiver and designated chef, I opted for swordfish steaks which are also easily grilled outdoors keeping fish cooking odors outside.


Hollow chocolate crosses kept attention on “Good Friday” and generated some related dinner conversation at least until consumed and faded into short term memory loss.


Two JOYOUS events followed …


I awoke Saturday morning to discover the Easter Bunny tried to hide my garden eggs in a coating of SNOW!!!


Most JOYOUS of all was receiving a MySpace message from my nephew stationed in Iraq:


"i will be done for good this time. i guess i could get sent over here again in a couple of years depends on who is president. but i should be getting back to va around the 20th of April. i will be having (my son’s) first birthday / my coming home party like the first weekend of may. to you soon"  



"Do not abandon yourselves to despair. We are the Easter people and hallelujah is our song.”  Pope John Paul II


Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer 



non-caregiver musings:


  1. that is so neat about your nephew!! April 20th is just around the corner!!!

    that meal sounded delicious Patrick! it would be hard to keep the focus on the day and event, but you sounded like you did great

    what a wonderful surprise to wake up to this morning!!

    hope you have a blessed Easter

    (so nice you are posting more entries :)


  2. The EAster bunny better get his gifts delivered quickly or he might find himself 'snowbound'..... <grin>

    Good Friday's meal sounds good.... and what's for EAster dinner?  And what time should I arrive??  <grin>

    I'm so glad to hear DAnny is coming home soon! Less than a month right now... I hope he doesn't have to go back over.



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