Monday, March 17, 2008

Caregiving: Health Care Proposals Presidential Candidates

Pennsylvania is a “purple state” claims the television talking head. This he explains is in contrast to the traditional and dependable red and blue states on the political map. All I can envision are Barney herds frolicking across the State.


Pennsylvania has been invaded by politicians, media, pollsters, pundits and a cast of thousands. 


While the Democratic Party appears to be racing toward a political reenactment of Gettysburg, I wonder about healthcare reform.


Yes, as a spouse caregiver and parent my priorities are possibily different. Affordable health care? Long term care? Chronic Disease Management (Multiple Sclerosis)? Caregiving? What about healthcare reform? 

Over the last week I have spent too much time trying to actually read candidate positions on healthcare. In my opinion the candidates with the best proposals AND most experience with both success and failure trying to implement change in health care actually have left the field: Tommy Thompson (Republican), US Secretary of Health and Human Services & Wisconsin Governor; and Tom Vilsack (Democrat), Iowa Governor.


Googling around I found the most interesting and convenient tool. Created by the Henry J Kaiser Family Foundation, easily allows you to sit, click and compare the remaining candidates’ health care positions and proposals, without having to sift through all the mudslinging.


Just click on the picture below to launch


Will I endorse a candidate? With one Republican, one Independent, and one Democrat in this household we believe strongly in “choice”! <grin>


I would encourage everyone to actually read this easy to use overview of your remaining choices for healthcare reform. Discover who is actually talking about what makes sense to you and yours.

Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer



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  1. okay, that's an image that is going to stick with me all through today; Barneys frolicking through Pennsylvania, and in honor of St. Patrick's Day, lets have them all wear a green hat :)

    this was a great site you listed!! I earmarked it and will be back to look at it later.

    wish we could have a "do over" or something; none of the remaining candidates interest me in any big way. I fear I'll be voting for the less evil of the bunch come November, but at least, I'll be voting (its amazing to read how many people don't vote, that's a sad thing)

    enjoy the day :)


  2. i will read:) thank you for sharing



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