Sunday, March 30, 2008

blog? - no shoes, no comments ... no problem

Feeling alone may as well be an ‘official stage’ of acceptance for caregivers, disabled, or chronic illness. Reading the stories of others experiencing a similar path can be more than a friend … plus, you can reach out and visit any time of night or day. 

People starting into the health care unknown may discover ‘real stories’ shared through blogs / journals helpful beyond medical profession self help pamphlets.

In general, eight (8) percent of all Internet users now write blogs, while 39 percent read them. (Pew Internet & American Life Project)

90% of users simply READ, 9% comment from time to time, and 1% account for most contributions according to a Jakob Nielsen study.

Should you start a journal? Should you throw in the towel frustrated over comments?

DO NOT let comments make you nuts.

When comments drive your blog / journal then that 1% is refocusing YOUR story and your information. Embed a hit counter if size matters.

On the other hand social networking is a motive for some writers. Comments become an integral part. Internet evolution has spawned social specific communities such as MySpace or Facebook.

Do not rule out market share when deciding where to host your blog. The Internet is business, big fish swallow little fish.

35% - Blogger
21% - Live Journal
20% - TypePad
06% - Diaryland
04% - Windows Live Spaces
03% - AOL Journals
11% - misc. others combined

“Caregivingly Yours,” posts three editions: Blogger, AOL Journals, and MySpace.

Deciding to share our story of spouse caregiving and living with Multiple Sclerosis, I began with ‘AOL Journals’ because our teenage daughter counseled that is where old people like me journal. <grin> … ‘Blogger’ because it has the largest market share and no advertisements. (AOL ads can be rude cavorting on the top of a poignant or sensitive entry.) … MySpace because National Multiple Sclerosis Society asked me to post an edition there.

Your blog / journal is YOUR STORY. No shoes, no comment … no problem. Readers "always" welcome!  


  1. I have often read your blog/journal....but have never commented....I love to read others and learn from their life are a very talented writer and in my eyes a very special is not easy taking care of those who can't take care of takes courage and patience.....some say you have to do what ever it takes to survive....but sad as it may be some do choose to walk away.....Like I said I so enjoy reading your entries.....thank you for sharing your walk through caregiving.....I wish you peace.....

  2. I 'try on' other blogs from time to time. I have a journals listed on my side-bar, and i have this one and your personal listed, as well as a few others that seem... well, real....

    I've stayed with yours because I understand the role of caregive, the ups, downs and in 'tween....

    plus, you have a sense of humor that hides behind the masked caregiver (who was that masked caregiver??) <grin>

    I do my journal entries when I feel that I have something to share, or heck, just want to write something, even if it's 'nothing' kind of entry.... I do enjoy reading the comments, but enjoy getting personal e-mails, tooooooooooooooo...........

    AOL = OLD??  WHAT? I'm old???  LOLOLOLOL.... I guess it probably seems that way to a 20-year old!!  LOL.... The joke's on her... one day she will be my age! <grin>

    Be safe...

  3. I really hadn't thought about posting anywhere else... aol journals seemed to provide the basics, and finding a niche or an audience wasn't necessary. In the beginning, I just wanted to write about things I learned from living, doing, being... getting comments in response to what I wrote was like the chocolate frosting on a cake doughnut... sweet! I doubt I'll post anywhere else unless the purpose of my blog changes. It's possible, but I don't really see when that will happen. I'm still living in the present, and aol journals is a friendly environment to write and interact within and amongst its 'habitants.' These stats are very interesting... I hadn't realize it was broken down like this. So only 1% contribute and participate fully. We're in the minority. Very perceptive of you... I don't have my shoes on right this minute! In fact, I don't think I ever have my shoes on when I sit down at the computer. I leave them at the door... more comfortable. Kind of like aol journals. Comfort is good at the end of the day. bea

  4. ((((((((((((((((HUGSTOYOU))))))))))))))))))Intresting to know.Have a nice evening.

  5. that was interesting AOL had such a small "market share" I'll call it. I'm a creature of habit, get me started on one type of blog and that's where I'll stay, I do follow a few blogs on Blogger; also have one there too, but AOL seems more home to me somehow

    its neat we can connect with people all over the world through the Internet


  6. when i started my journal i thought ok no one cares what i write. I am not a good writer but as i have went along i have met some great people. I have a my space. The kids help me with that one lol. Thank you Patrick for the name:) You ROCK


  7. ...I do well to post occasionally on the aol journals........time is of the essence! lol


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