Thursday, March 06, 2008

Caregiving: MS ARTISTS / MS Awareness Month

March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month --- MS ARTISTS


Through my 19 years as a spouse caregiver I find myself humbled by the soul of those living with disability. A gifted wordsmith once labled it a unicorn in a cage.


Multiple Sclerosis Association of America (MSAA) recently conducted its first-ever art contest to find paintings and drawings from artists who live with Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


One artist featured in their Winter 2008 MSAA “The Motivator” magazine is Sister Kathy Cairone.




With a little help from family and friends, dreams can be enabled.


Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer

non-caregiver musings:



  1. Your journal title caught my eye and I'm so glad it did--I tuned in and am so happy to have found someone with a passion for ending MS--and am forwarding your link over to my friend, Scott, who is afflicted with said disease.

    Since meeting Scott in October of 2007, in the assisted living community where I used to work and he resides, my life has become enriched, enlightened, complicated (to be utterly truthful) but more importantly...blessed.

    Scott was diganosed in 1989 at the age of 33--it would be in 5 short years after his diagnosis, in 1994, that he would be in a power chair--where he still is. It was also in 1994 that he was forced to retire on disability from his profession as a hospital administrator. 10 years later, his marriage would end (childless) where he then moved in with his parents--both now deceased. Enter assisted living...and enter me and a newfound friendship that would not only enrich my life, but also bring about new complications, compromising my job (which I recently lost) and my family--but all completely worth it if in the end, more attention is brought to MS and it's sufferers.

    It was Scott who encouraged me to get pro-active in the cause of MS; I am the proud captain of "Team Scott" for the Inland Empire's MS Walk '08 to be held Sat. April 5th for the NMSS in which we have proudly raised over $2,000.00 for research for a cause and cure of this disease.

    I want to thank you for helping bring public awareness to MS and for your honesty of life with loving someone with this disease. It is indeed humbling...and hopeful--certainly putting things in perspective. I applaud you and your spouse and thank you for bringing the attention of art and hope to the bloggers community.

    Jo--owner of the blog "Absence Of Yolk"

  2. such talent!! I hope if you find any more talented artists such as Sister Kathy Cairone that you will feature them here

    hope spring is coming to your part of the country :)


  3. The painting is fantastic, thanks for sharing her artwork.
    Keep us posted on how well she is doing, does she sell her paintings?
    Hope all is well with your family, I guess Patti is getting as anxious as we are to get to Spring.  Chicago keeps getting snow and we're getting antsy for spring.
    Have a great weekend and say hi to Patti from another Pat.

  4. What talent!! I can't draw with 2 hands and look what she can do with her mouth!! I am always amazed at those people who, in spite of such heart-wrenching disablies, have such incredible abilities!! Thanks for sharing this!!

    Have a good evening,

  5. Hi,

    I have an MS Blogger Project underway over at my place. Please visit <a href="">MS Awareness, Blogging Friends, and a little Link Love</a> to join in.



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