Monday, March 10, 2008

Multiple Sclerosis in FILMS / MS Awareness Month

MS & FILMS -- March is Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month 

ICH KLAGE AN (1941) A doctor's wife with Multiple Sclerosis urges her husband to kill her rather than let her suffer. At his trial he accuses the state of not helping the disabled die. This film was released in the final year of Hitler’s Aktion T4  which killed a quarter million children and adults with mental or physical disabilities.

DUET FOR ONE (1986) “Stephanie Anderson, a famous and talented violinist, finds her whole world turned upside down when she learns she has Multiple Sclerosis. With her career at an end, and her frightened husband ready to take flight, Stephanie struggles to find a way to accept her fate and find some happiness in what remains of her life.” Rotten Tomatoes

GO NOW (1995) “Move over, disease-of-the-weak pics, here comes "Go Now," a genre-busting an-them to life, love and friendship … A big-hearted, lively dramedy centered on an average guy's struggle to cope with the onset of Multiple Sclerosis … pic completely redefines the parameters of stories centered on a debilitating disease. “ Variety

EDEN (1997) "Helen, has Multiple Sclerosis …The year is 1965 … astral projections are contrasted to her daily experiences living with the uncertainties of MS. This film is an interesting treatment of disability, body image, and spirit. Eden is a film where MS is used to help us explore mind, body, spirit, and who we are.”  Gary Kiger, Utah State University, Disability Studies Quarterly, Volume 16 No. 3

HILARY AND JACKIE (1998) “Much of the film "Hilary and Jackie" explores the authenticity of the MS experience and of identity. The life of Jacqueline du Pré had many tragic elements - the degeneration of her body confronted her continually with the loss of the powerful person she saw herself as being. … She was not a victim - but a pro-active agent battling her impairments.” Helen Meekosha, Senior Lecturer, School of Social Work, University of New South Wales, Australia

Caregivingly Yours, J Patrick Leer
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  1. interesting; never heard of any of them; wonder if some of the recent ones are able to be rented; will have to check that out

    hope your day is going well; gorgeous spring day here in So. Calif :)


  2. thanks for sharing:)


  3. I had forgotten about 'Hillary and Jackie'.... I remember seeing it years ago... I won't even share with you what first popped into my head, but just know I had a 10 hour day before I left to come home to work on IEP's.

    I know I'm late reading this entry, but what was rather ironic is I was at a conference on Monday and Tuesday. Aktion T4 was mentioned in one of the workshops at the conference. The workshop was about the views in US (and touched on a couple of other countries) of the sexuality of the disabled. They touched on former mandatory laws of sterialization within the US.



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