Friday, March 27, 2009

Guide for Uninsured Multiple Sclerosis Patients

“Having Multiple Sclerosis and no insurance — or inadequate insurance — is a bitter pill to swallow. … Like it or not, MS and money go hand in hand.”


A shout out from Caregivingly Yours to MS Maze for the above most excellent and timely guide.

Beyond NO insurance or inadequate insurance, LOSS of insurance is increasingly haunting families living with chronic illnesses.

"As the economic crisis worsens … the number of uninsured citizens will grow. In February 2009, more than eight percent of Americans were unemployed and 1.1 million of them will become uninsured with each one percent increase in unemployment.” Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-MA)

One thing for sure about trickle down theories, shi#t does trickle down on those that can least afford it.

Exhaust the ‘guide’ ideas for help. Gambling with your health by medication skipping, ignoring symptoms or such is not the wisest course.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. One thing I thought I'd mention. ALL our MS drug reps GAVE MS drugs to patients who could not afford to pay. Not once in a while, but every month, every year. They only needed to fill out an assistance form we provided for them. ~Mary

  2. once again Mary said wise words; that is so true that some pharmaceutical companies will give meds to people in need; educating people to that fact is needed (hopefully by doctors themselves, assuming patients are making it to their doctor appointments)

    thanks for posting this, Patrick; I fear tougher economic times will come before it gets better again and a lot more will be impacted with loss of healthcare; we need all the resources possible out there to help those in need of care



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