Tuesday, March 10, 2009

MS Awareness: a fairy tale of two people

Let's face it, Multiple Sclerosis and fairytale are not often found in the same sentence. Welcome to Jennifer and Dan Digman for sharing their most unigue story and even more unigue perspective on living with MS.

"Movie writers would never dream up a fairytale of two people with multiple sclerosis falling in love and living happily ever after. But Jennifer and Dan have been living this truest of love stories as a married couple since 2005.

Combined, Dan and Jennifer have taken on this chronic illness for more than 20 years. Jennifer was diagnosed in 1997; Dan was diagnosed two years later. She has secondary-progressive MS, while his is relapsing-remitting."

Dan and Jennifer Digmann

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  1. it was neat to read their blog; can only wish them the best! thanks for highlighting this Patrick; hope all is well



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