Sunday, March 01, 2009

MS Awareness - Visual Impairment

Friday afternoon at Patti’s care facility …

Patti: “Patrick, is that you?”

Standing less than six feet from Patti I flashed on memories of when we first dated over 25 years ago before Multiple Sclerosis.

Patti would remove her glasses and squint her way around. I used to joke that she reminded me of Mr. Magoo. “Magoo” became an affectionate nickname.

“Hey! Magoo.” I answered.

Her smile beamed in on ‘the shape’ that now days her “legally blind” vision masks in the blur of MS visual impairment.

While the above is how MS visual impairment impacts one family, OUR family, check out this link from the UK Multiple Sclerosis Society for the nuts and bolts of:
Visual Impairment in MS

Speaking of vision, this able-vision caregiver and snow lover had to blink twice this morning to make sure I was not dreaming. Two inches of winter beauty dressed the day.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. beautiful picture of the snow, she says, as she sits in front of her computer screen enjoying the final moments of an 80+ degree day in Southen California......

    bet Patti's smile lit up the room when she realized it was you :)


  2. I love that term of endearment "Magoo". I imagine years of hearing something like that help give her some groundwork of recognition through everything. (Hugs)Indigo

  3. Having a Mom who was legally blind I get more aspects of this than is explained here :-). I've been shoveling some of that(ok, last night's) snow.....and making snow angels...which I wish Patti could do as well. She certainly is young at heart enough for it. ~Mary

  4. Hi Patrick

    Just stopped by to say hello to you both.


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