Thursday, March 05, 2009

MS Awareness "put it out there"

“forgive me for not capitalizing as i have ms and limited use of my left arm.
i wanted to thank you very much for "putting it out there."

How do people with Multiple Sclerosis share in this 21st Century?

In our story, Patti cannot journal herself because of MS visual and cognitive impairment, lack of use of her left arm, and unpredictable control of her right.

Do MS stories make some Dickensonian passage from MS past, MS present, and MS yet to come?

Yes, no, and maybe. Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and progression tend to be unique as well as are the support and resources available to each person.

More progressive MS and advanced MS symptoms unquestionably require more effort to communicate. Yet, sharing YOUR story may help another to discover that they are not alone. Otherwise cyberspace, by default, becomes a phantom’s mask revealing only part of the face of MS.

“not only am i living with ms but my husband also has the disease. … (your website) helped me look at this disease from both perspectives.”

I am always humbled by the reach of Caregivingly Yours. From my original entry: “Why share? … most people will have to walk this path eventually. Why buy some book, feel free to peek in. … This new world of journals or blogs or whatever seems worth a try.” “Caregivingly Yours” April 27, 2004

Journals/blogs read in reverse chronological order and eventually demand necessitated a website. If someone had just found our story, it was challenging to ‘cut to the chase’ through years of entries. A website gives you and the reader more control, of course it costs you money whereas journaling is free.

Network Solutions® offers a reasonable priced do it yourself web site package including domain name and web site building tool “for dummies”.

If considering sharing I recommend trying a journal/blog first simply because it is a free way to test the waters of cyberspace. Google’s
Blogger I have found easy to work with.

Most important of all, just say it. Just “put it out there”.

Discovering you are not alone is a beacon anytime, any where.

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer
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  1. that is so true, Patrick; knowing there are others out there struggling with the same feelings and issues you are dealing with, no matter what the circumstance, makes it sometimes more bearable to deal with the lot given to you

    may you have an enjoyable weekend; hope all is well in Pennsylvania



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