Tuesday, April 12, 2011

multi-task flavored ice cream

Caregiving IS multi-tasking. Yet just when you thought you might have it all together some researchers at University of California San Francisco report that the ability to switch easily between tasks fades with age. … Older people worse at multitasking 

Or in other words, we can add ‘what was I doing?’ to the butterfly effect of caregiving

Fortunately it was not too taxing on multi-tasking skills yesterday to know that with 85°F (29.44°C) it was time for our first ice cream outing of the season. Hershey’s Special Dark Chocolate milk shake for Patti (with extra milk because if too thick Multiple Sclerosis dysphagia related problems short circuit successful use of a straw) and a coffee chocolate chip cone for me.

Not only a yummy outing but now, according to UCSF, I can justify a ‘Rocky’ pose just for remembering our order and finding the van in the parking lot. J

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 


  1. That was an interesting article, Patrick. I think I'm safe for a bit with multitasking as I'm not (quite) yet 60, but I can see as we age it would be harder to continue to do the skills we took for granted when we were younger. I remember the good old days of going to the grocery store without a list and remembering everything I needed. (now with a list I often forget a thing or two :)

    Wonderful weather! Finally after a long winter I would imagine! Always good to get that first shake of the season; always seems to taste better I do believe!!!!

    and finding the van is an added bonus to a great time together!


  2. Patrick, is that the Phila. Art Museum I see? A new photo or one from the vault? I live so close to the museum and Rocky! Your outing sounds great!!

  3. Yes that is us in front of the Rocky statue outside the Philadelphia Museum of Art however it is not from our ice cream outing. I dipped into the photo vault to demonstrate the 'Rocky' pose.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  4. I feel that I can multi-task less effective as I keep struggling to do it....I guess age, or MS with me. Great Rocky pose!

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