Saturday, April 16, 2011

nudist, CCSVI, thief, and hope – a week with MS

Some weeks news of living with Multiple Sclerosis is just stranger than others.

“He paid $4,000 and was looking forward to the trip of a lifetime - a ten-day nudist cruise around the Caribbean. …” Nudist with multiple sclerosis 'booted off naked cruise' 

(CCSVI) “American researchers have cast fresh doubts on the theory underpinning so-called 'liberation therapy' for multiple sclerosis sufferers.” Study shoots hole in 'liberation' theory for multiple sclerosis 

“accused of stealing more than $1,000 from a bank account set up for contributions to the Multiple Sclerosis Society…” Minnesota woman accused of faking multiple sclerosis, stealing money from charity ride 

“In the world of “promising” multiple sclerosis drugs, two more experimental drugs -- both in pill form, not injected -- are joining the race of new treatments to slow the disease. …” Two multiple sclerosis drugs may add to arsenal against disease – eventually  

And as a caregiver, well it was the week to add pushing a lawnmower back into the juggling act. J

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. Patrick, I found the comments following the cruise story so interesting. If the story appeared on an MS blog or website, the responses would have been quite different. I suppose it's helpful to read what the real world believes.

  2. there is something satisfying in mowing a lawn or shoveling a sidewalk, I always thought. Rite of passage with the new spring upon us!!

    The saddest article was the one who faked MS. She should be punished severely; because she took away trust of people wanting to help others and that is just not right (in my not so humble opinion)


  3. Wow, so many noteworthy things here. I'll just head right into the most trivial -- so is that a canyon in your yard?! Problems with the neighbors?

    Just messing with ya :)


  4. Donna, doesn't everyone have a lawn cannon? How else do you repulse marauding lawn gnomes? :)

    Actually it's all all wood, half-scale replica I bought from an Amish woodcraft company in nearby Lancaster County.

    Caregivingly Yours, Patrick

  5. When I first read the 'story line' I thought, "Patti?" It could all apply except the thief part.... that one had me confused!!! But, knowing past experiences, it could have made sense! HA

    Hope you guys are doing well. I can't complain muuch these days. However, I am jealous of the cannon. I need to look for one of those, or an 8 foot chicken.... can't decide!! LOL

    Luv ya,

  6. Hey Jackie! After a couple years with a lawn cannon - an 8' chicken sounds fascinating! Of course I do already have my 8' alleged Seminole totem pole and a 3' scrap metal pig with wings. Hey, come to think of it - the place I bought my flying pig did have people sized (6'?) scrap metal chickens. If you are ever in Leesburg, Va - Old Lucketts Store. :)


  7. The pig sounds facinating!! Send me a picture??? I love wierd yard stuff.... :)

  8. The CCSVI study doesn't surprise me at all. Those who believe in "Liberation" will just ignore this one. Sad.

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