Monday, October 31, 2011

adapting Halloween, what's this? snow!

Sometimes adapting to living with Multiple Sclerosis life can be…

- captured in a movie minute 

When Multiple Sclerosis symptoms impair viewing parades we experimented successfully with visiting 5 local Halloween parades while they assembled 

... attending our local MS Society Chapter Annual Meeting and Recognition Celebration, Patti’s primary concern throughout the event was “I just want a ciggie” while I was giving thought to borrowing a page from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow and throwing a jack-o-lantern at the speaker if she requested one more time for honorees to “please stand”. It’s all about perspective.

- or simply enjoyed

... as 6” (15.24 cm) of snow fell on Saturday of Halloween weekend followed by a 54˚F (12.2 ˚C) Sunday for playing while it lasted.
Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. Dx'd in 1985 & still playing :-). Pretty good.

  2. Nice assortment of parades to attend as you and Patti did, Patrick. A little bit of everything at them I do believe! I think I would have been the same way at the banquet wondering the sensitivity of someone to say over and over again to "stand up". What was she thinking?

    Snow so early! Doesn't seem possible, but looks like fun!

    Hope you guys had a nice day and not too many tricks played on you!



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