Sunday, October 16, 2011

Was long term care insurance a CLASS act?

As a society, I am convinced that we cannot even grasp much less be prepared for the crushing cost of long-term care.

Is money the only definition of cost? Families are changed forever, what about the lives lived and not lived?

How did we even get to this insurmountable gap between medical science and quality of life?

On Friday the Obama administration informed Congress that offering long term care insurance as part of Health Care reform was not “budget neutral” and therefor unsustainable.

Secretary Sebelius’ Letter to Congress about CLASS (Community Living Assistance Services) and attached Health and Human Services Report.

Of course with the gnat like attention span of our society, this story barely made it out of a 24 hr news cycle.

The ‘unsustainability’ of the Community Living Assistance Services Act is not a solution. The challenge of long term care is not going away.

Here’s the bottom line - EVERYONE will one day know or love someone who can no longer care for themselves …

… and we do not have a clue how we will do it.  

Caregivingly Yours, Patrick Leer 
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  1. It is sad to think about it, Patrick. No answers, no solutions, no wisdom here to share. But you are right, it does need to be addressed because it is an ever present need.


  2. You are right, some day we will all need long-term care....It does need to be affordable

  3. I agree with you - and I can see a need for reform. I don't don't know it has to be so complicated. For example I don't NEED a "personal care helper" 10 hours a week right now (I managed to get it down from 15 hours) but if I decline them all together I lose Medicaid.

    Wouldn't it be better to use that money elsewhere? I might need them later but I don't need them RIGHT NOW.

  4. You are right....but where is the answer? There is so much waste in government spending that I wonder at times if we did something about that maybe we would have the funds for decent care for America's people.

  5. I think you are right in saying that most people have no clue about what a tremendous cost this is... awareness definitely needs to be created about his issue.

  6. Interesting post. Seriously, it is quite scary to think about how much isn't considered when it comes to health of loved ones. You go most of your life without being suitably covered. And the other part, you're covered by someone else. Thanks for the awareness.

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