Monday, March 25, 2013

oh say can you see

How do you monitor caregiving in the care facility era? A mega sized wall calendar keeps it ‘in my face’ every time I enter my kitchen. Glancing at it Sunday I was struck by the single outing with Patti last week, far off my norm of 3 outings per week.

Yes, I was a little busy with my own lung cancer health concerns, lung junk vs lung cancer. My mother’s voice echoes in my head, "is that your reason or your excuse?"

Outings with Patti’s Multiple Sclerosis dementia are never boring. While I have no lung cancer in her 'dementia world', buckling her in our wheelchair accessible van I coughed briefly only to have her remark “you sound terrible.” I know she means nothing but it unleashed an anxiety worm in my head.

We laughed as I paused while pushing Patti’s wheelchair by our lawn gargoyle. He appeared so sad playing his flute to the last bump of winter snow.  The anxiety worm whispered “your last snow”.
Winter Storm Virgil March 24th, March 25th
Returning Patti she was sooo slouched in her chair I considered asking aides to use the Hoyer Lift. Those anxiety worms have me more focused than usual on 'cheating death', plus Easter Week isn't helping. 

If I'm cheating death than full speed ahead. Initiating the one person unassisted transfer it was not the prettiest maneuver but Patti end up in bed safely. 

Awakening this morning to a couple inches of snow blanketing our neighborhood was a godsend.

While there is snow there is hope! 
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