Saturday, April 09, 2005

the Internet still simply feels magical!

Experimenting with and experiencing journals this past year has been a constant reminder that we are not alone. Though the specifics of our story may be unique, the Internet has once again soothed that fear of being isolated.


The comfort is so real sometimes I want to reach out to touch but the true spirit of the Internet community is so amorphous that the plastic ‘temple’ seems almost comical.


Millions of Americans tune into weekly survival shows for an edited, attention-span, friendly view of people facing challenges. While within neighborhood blocks or even doors of every one of them are anonymous families fighting for survival 24/7 with no safety nets. Caregiving and disabling disease over time seem to spin a cloak of invisibility.


The Internet enables contact, communication, and sharing. I’m sure there probably is some kind of psycho-babble book explaining all this available through Dr. Phil or Oprah’s Book Club. Personally the Internet still simply feels magical! (Thank you Al Gore!)


  1. Thank goodness for the connection you can achieve with other folks via the internet.  If it weren't for these people I would have lost my mind.  :-)

  2. well said... two years ago, all i wanted to do with the computer was to play solitaire without haviing to shuffle the cards. now it is sort of a lifeline... to the outside?


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