Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Their Bugs Are Worse Than Their Bite ???

“…many diseases long believed to be noninfectious (such as multiple sclerosis) may in fact be attributable to microbes contracted from animals. …”

Their Bugs Are Worse Than Their Bite

By E. Fuller Torrey and Robert H. Yolken Sunday, April 3, 2005 © The Washington Post Company


  1. You always have thought provoking issues in your journal.

    I enjoyed the idea of the time necessary for transitions: "the empty chair".  We need time in our daily lives to take in the subtle changes and transitions, maybe not "empty chairs" but the crushed or wrinkled cushion.  We go over to the cushion and quickly bring it into conformity with the rest of the cushions.  Perhaps we need to think about the personality that left the wrinkles in the cushion rather than the wrinkle.

  2. The red hawk was a beautiful messenger to have touched your heart for a brief time.  I am sure I have watched "Walker, Texas Ranger" too many times!  Almost every program had a striking touch of Indian lore.


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