Wednesday, April 20, 2005

wondering about the causality of the paths we all travel

It is bizarre how one spontaneous event in time can seem to pull back a veil on another time and place and leave me wondering about the causality of the paths we all traveled to get here. It probably would be fascinating to sit and ponder the Metaphysics of it all if I had the time.

The following note is just one of those special moments triggered by Patti’s sudden decision to want to be in the MS Walk this past Sunday. Without that decision this past time and place would not have been shared. It is a special MS story and was accompanied by an extraordinary donation.


Dear Patrick,

In 1982 when I ran the Boston Marathon. I had worked so hard to qualify--and that is a whole nother story. Anyway, that year the MS society asked runners to run for them, so I worked for sponsors. I badgered everyone that I knew into sponsoring me--and you know I can be persistent when I want to.

I was taking care of a 23 year old, who had an incredibly bad case of MS. She had nystagmus, was nearly blind, and was highly verbal, so she could help me try to understand how it was for a young woman to be caught in her body. For example, once she talked about trying to date another disabled person (her friends thought she should be 'fixed up'--and how she would never do that again)--she said, "We were just too helpless".

She had long dark hair, and also was a poet. I cannot describe how cool/creepy it was to have her recite her poetry by memory while she looked at you with her nearly sightless eyes that quivered.

I was so taken with her that I tried to write an article for publication that included her poetry. I sent it around to many places--but now I am more aware that it was poorly referenced etc., and it was never published.

Anyway, that year, when I ran Boston, which may have been the high point of my life, I earned around $600 for MS. I will be walking/running with you in spirit as you push Patti along--I am tearful when I think of teenage Megan and Patti's elderly parents marching along.

Tell Patti: You go girl!

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