Monday, April 18, 2005


The “MS Walk” is probably the public event most associated with Multiple Sclerosis. Believe it or not, in 19 years of living with MS Patti has never participated in an MS Walk


For reasons only Patti understands, early in the week, Patti got it into her head that she wanted to be a part of this year's walk held yesterday.


With no more than a couple days notice I emailed friends and family of Patti’s wish. We extended an invitation to join a team and I asked people if they could kick in $5 or $10 bucks so Patti could end up with an MS Walk t-shirt out of the adventure if she raised $100.


I am still humbled by the response. In just days, our team of zero grew to 10 and donations have been overwhelming. Patti could end up with an NMSS wardrobe <grin>. I will label Patti’s MS Walk sweatshirt with the names of her team and supporters in indelible ink.


Multiple Sclerosis has been the major obstacle to participation.  The MS Walk is not a common forum for those with MS. For example, I did not see anyone else in a wheelchair or even noticeably effected by symptoms of MS.


Something was ‘in the air’ both Sunday and in the days leading up to Sunday. Living with MS isn’t usually associated with such an upbeat memory. Family and friends ARE medicine!

I am genuinely at a loss to capture my feelings about what happened this week. It’s still overwhelming the support of family and friends. I just find myself mumbling that "I’m humbled."


Asking Patti Sunday evening if she had any words of wisdom after the MS Walk and 19 years with MS  “MS is a miserable disease. MS still sucks. Tell everybody 'Thank You' I had a great day and I just want to go to bed!”


  1. It is awesome that Patti participated in the walk this year. Good for her!
    My sis did a jello jump for me yaers ago, I was thrilled!

  2. Absolutely amazing what a wonderful support system can do.  GO PATTI--GO!  What a gal!

  3. I haven't been here in a while and I find this!!!!  I am excited for you for that you were able to do so well.  I did the walk too and it kicked my behind.  Tell Patti I said Thank You too...



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