Sunday, April 03, 2005

sede vacante

Following rainfall that rivaled Ivan, it seemed a perfect day to pick Patti up for a day at home. <grin> The adjacent pictures do not normally have waterfront property. The stone bridge is actually over a small stream that engorged with rainfall has decided to surround the bridge and lay siege.


Patti’s visual impairment prevented her from viewing nature at work. Even the flooded yard flowing onto the street she could not see from the car window.


One day I’ll learn to stop giving Patti a choice. <grin> For her 6 hours at home she ‘chose’ to nap for 4 of them. MS fatigue is difficult for able bodied friends and family to relate to. As a caregiver on the other hand I always felt like I was in perpetual motion.


Today’s homily at Mass talked about the Papal selection stage known as ‘Sede Vacante’ (the empty chair). Unlike the immediate transition of succession in secular government and leadership, sede vacante designates a time to recognize and accept absence and transition in our lives.


It got me thinking that disease and disability at varying levels also create a version of an empty chair, or a 'different chair' in our daily lives. Yet our culture is to rush forward, get on with your life. Creating time to recognize and accept transition is not a bad idea.

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  1. That is a an eloquent way to connect what is happening with you and with what is going on. We need time to take a breath , to digest and see where we are. Now I suppose Patti's inner vision is the clearer vision. I know when I rest my dreams are a great comfort.I have FUN sleeping. LOL


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