Monday, March 13, 2006

Caregiving: brain freeze

    You know that Spring has really returned on the weekend that Rita’s reopens for business! 

    Patti more than enjoys their “Misto Shake” <grin>. Flavored Italian Ice and frozen custard are blended into a sub-arctic experience.

     Spring 2006 began on Sunday with her same phenomenal ability, Patti can straight out inhale a Misto Shake. Trying to keep pace with her, like school yard kids, I am soon writhing with “brain freeze”.

     Within minutes Patti is complaining about the fresh blueberries obstructing her straw from getting the last drops of her Blueberry Misto Shake and I am still looking at a two-thirds full cup. ... Thank you Patti, for the creative and subtle, "in your face" <grin>.

     It’s my theory that her immunity to brain freeze has something to do with Multiple Sclerosis symptoms, but maybe that's just sour grapes <grin>. ... or maybe neither one of will ever really grow up?  


  1. what fun :) brr its too cold here in Colorado for frozen drinks lol


  2. Here the beginning of spring and the end of summer is characterized by the reopening and then closing of Softie's; a delightful ice cream stand on a corner of our town. It opened last Monday, but alas, I'm one that needs warm temps before I will indulge in ice cream. My son applied for a job there; hoping he gets it so he can bring things home at the end of his shift.

    That Misto Shake at Rita's sounds heavenly! Did Patti get brain freezes before MS? Curious if your theory holds true :)


  3. Let's hope you never do ... (grow up, that is). <grin> bea


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