Thursday, March 09, 2006

Caregiving: wheelchair accessible van

     Patti and I finally took that quantum leap along the assistive technology timeline last night. Patti “rolled” into our Dodge Grand Caravan ES with IMS RampVan conversion.   

     I feel like I’m watching science fiction. With a push of a button the van kneels, door slides open, and the power folding ramp extends like a giant mechanical bird’s wing while lowering to form a ramp.

     Pictured below are the 'cave drawings' of the primitive but easily affordable technology we have been using. A transfer board, my strength, and the physics of an incline.



  1. so happy for you both! This will save so much strength and give you both dignity with mobility!!! Fantastic!


  2. woohoo nice van way to go you both will be very happy


  3. Congratulations!! YOu both deserve it. GEt a picture of you both in it! I celebrate with you. It's beautiful. Love, Bea


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