Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Caregiving: Ides of March 2006

     March 15th, the “Ides of March”. William Shakespeare immortalized this date in a soothsayer’s advice to Julius Caesar. Maybe what he really captured is a universal truth that we all tend to ignore advice. <grin>.  

     The “Ides of March” 2006 marks the 2nd anniversary of Patti’s admittance to a 24/7 facility. This journal, “Caregivingly Yours” was created in April 2004 to share our transitional year from the homecare era to a care facility.

     Sometimes standing on a beach watching while the sun sitting on the ocean’s horizon paints the sky; mesmerized I easily forget if it’s a sunrise or a sunset.  Today’s benchmark is that kind of a day for memories and dreams for me.

Blessed sister, holy mother, 

Spirit of the fountain, spirit of the garden,

Suffer us not to mock ourselves with falsehood

Teach us to care and not to care

Teach us to sit still

Even among these rocks,

Our peace in His will

 (excerpt from) ‘Ash Wednesday’ by T S Eliot


  1. my greatest fear is when the day comes, my family cannot care for me anymore and I have to go to a facility.

  2. its one of those days that always will be embedded into your mind. Years from now, I bet you will still remember the significance of 3/15. I'm sure it was not the most easiest of decisions to have Patti admitted to a 24/7 facility; I'm sure it was not done lightly and a lot of discussion, plans, evaluating facilities, etc took place. Looking back, I'm sure its been a roller coaster of emotions. Looking ahead, we can only hope we see more spectacular sunrises on the horizon.


  3. Does it matter, then, if it is a sunrise or a sunset? Isn't it just beautiful to be part of it? Like you said, you have the dreams and memories...and Patti seems happy in the world given her, and the world you've helped create for her. And you seem satisfied in some ways... like you understand what's important in this life, and you don't romanticize it for us. You still know how to laugh, Blessed are the caregivers, for they shall inherit the earth. Isn't that one of the Beattitudes? Well, if it isn't, it should be. <grin> bea

  4. Aww, such a date for you. Prayers,


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