Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Caregiving: chocolate chip cheese cake

     Stepping out / rolling out Tuesday evening to our favorite coffee house in the historic district for dessert, Patti and I learned some local history. The building that houses Casa Mani Caffé actually began as a German Reformed stone church in 1827. Then something about problems with “boisterous behavior during church services” and “offensive odors from stables” led a nearby Methodist congregation to buy them out 6 years later. <grin>   

     One can only imagine a town crisis on the very spot where we sat 179 years later and ate chocolate chip cheese cake while Patti sipped White Chocolate Mint Mocha and I had Macchiato straight up. 

     Maybe it was the espresso in my Macchiato affecting my thinking but there is a lesson here about religious sects of the same faith managing to work things out peacefully.

     15 minutes after leaving Casa Mani when a nurse asked Patti what she had been up to, Patti could not remember. MS memory loss symptoms had already misplaced the evening. Alas! At least Patti still enjoys it while it IS happening. <grin>


  1. I agree; there is a lesson here about religious sects working things out favorably; too many don't these days, do they? That chocolate chip cheesecake sounds absolutely heavenly delicious! Patti might not remember the event, but unfortunately, her body probably did with the calories consumed :) (bet it was a fun time, though :)


  2. It is good you and Patti can get out and enjoy the sights and the wonderful desserts


  3. I enjoyed reading your mini local history lesson. And your personal reflection on what took place so long ago. YOu and Patti get out quite a bit. Even though she doesn't remember it, it sounds like she enjoyed it. And you did too. Life is good! Bea


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