Friday, March 31, 2006

Caregiving: each day is like a jig saw puzzle

     With the temperature at 70 degrees Thursday, I brought Patti home, grilled out on the patio, then headed to our neighborhood ice cream store. RAKESTRAW’S with 40 flavors of ice cream is in their 103rd year of business. Patti chose a “Teaberry” milkshake, a cone of “Chocolate Almond” for me. 

     Variables galore could have influenced such an evening before acquiring our accessible van three weeks ago. I may or may not have even tried such spontaneous plans and hoped to include Patti. She may or may not have been able to transfer for some or all of the activities.

     In many ways each day is like a jig saw puzzle, the accessible van has simplified the process by creating fewer and larger pieces vs a pile of tiny pieces to try and assemble.


  1. what fun :) i am so glad for you, to be able to take patti what a treat:)


  2. seems like a perfect evening to spend with family; something too many of us take for granted, but seeing it through your eyes and seeing how something so
    "simple" as a vehicle can make more evenings like this a reality is such good news to read on this Friday morning. Enjoy times like these :)



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