Monday, April 03, 2006

Caregiving: a perfect paperwork storm

     The last two weeks have seen a rare convergence of a perfect paperwork storm. <grin> It’s amazing how much paper the computer age generates! How much?... opened my second ream on Friday.   

     Auto loan papers were not even completely filed away before TaxCut and e-File demanded completion. Yearly Medicaid review paperwork just happened to also coincide, and you get 10 days notice to complete.

     FAFSA and PHEAA previously unknown collided with all the others because our daughter is in her Senior year of high school and have become the juggernaut of this storm. Basically they are the Federal and State applications for college aid. Everything college related seems to spins off of them.

     ... and of course, there is always Medicare D vs Patti's private prescription plan confusion to fill in the quiet moments. <grin>

     Almost as if in conspiracy there is a synchronization involved as some forms require data from each other. It’s maddening to be cruising along on one and realize you must shift to another. In my dreams I finish some time this week.

      Completing our auto loan application and compiling supporting documents it really hammered home to me how “different” a family living with a chronic illness or disability is from any actuarial or statistical norm. Working through this perfect paperwork storm we simply do not “fit” on any form created by any bureaucracy. There is no “short” method of filing anything for us. <grin>

     Too many hours looking at this computer screen is driving me mad, I’ve taken to staring at buds on trees in our yard. So far I haven’t started talking with them yet, though I suspect the weeping willow is trying to tell me something. <grin>


  1. paperwork is always a nightmare:) good luck


  2. Hey, that's the motivation that makes me get up in the morning.  The commercial that shows a young man saying the breakfast goodies at a fastfood place gets him up.... hasn't dealt with the paper work of the physically challenged adult and their  families.  Only now I have two challenged adults to motivate me! LOL  Remember: One day at a time!

  3. They probably don't have a box on the form that adequately describes your living conditions; intact family living separately? Nightmares with paperwork. You would think you could get away with some of the things stating same as last year, but nooo have to provide documentation as if you were just starting all over again. Hang in there.



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