Wednesday, April 05, 2006

... the intrepidness of winter

     I love the intrepidness of winter. What a morning of defiance! Freezing temps, and wind gusted to 40 mph. Standing on my patio enjoying that first morning cup of Italian Roast coffee, I found myself embraced in a snow squall. Mother Winter knows her children.   

    The trace of snow left behind on the mulch was the perfect touch to reassure me I wasn’t dreaming. <grin>


  1. it doesn't want to give up its hold, does it?? Still wants to stick around and let us know that it isn't finished with us yet for this year. Supposed to be 68 today here, but by Friday snow.

    enjoy the day; wind and all :)


  2. yes this winter has been weird here. But we do need the moisture:)


  3. A wonderful picture, snow enhances everything it touches. Rache


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