Friday, April 21, 2006

Caregiving: training in disguise

     Temperature soared almost 30% above average for this time of year to 83 degrees on Thursday. There is a rule of thumb about temperature and MS, cooler is better.     

    Preparing Patti for the MS Walk on Sunday I’ve been including her in longer and longer outings over the past week. (Training in disguise <grin>)

     Thursday I had a couple hours of errands to run which was excellent practice because it involved interacting with people and up and down many sidewalks which is typical of MS Walk routes.

     Patti made it successfully through 3 hrs before temper was matching temperature and it was time for a well deserved nap.

     The MS Walk can be grueling for her. Rolling through residential/commercial neighborhoods is jarring to say the least. Generous, well intended shiny happy people pumped up about “fighting MS” can reach a saturation point. <grin>.

     Practice, I hope, will make it more tolerable and even fun!


  1. When is the MS Walk, Patrick? I think I saw that it was here on April 29th. That is neat to participate in it. I hope the weather cooperates and it is sunny, but cool. I know I have a friend here in Montana with MS and she says she melts in summer; hardly goes outside much.


  2. i hope all goes well for this walk :)



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