Thursday, April 13, 2006

Caregiving: hollow chocolate bunnies

     “Talking Books” or audio books are one of those aspects of living with MS that have evolved into a crossover interest. Now days I listen more than Patti does. <grin> An audio book playing in our vehicle is the primary media.    

     Currently, for no other reason than the title seemed to fit the season I (and Patti when she is in the van) am listening to “The Hollow Chocolate Bunnies Of The Apocalypse” by Robert Rankin.

     The author’s running gag is that one of the main characters is unable to ever complete a simile, "It's as good as … !" or "I was scared as … !" Obviously, on audio book, this comes across more emphatically than if you were simply reading. With Patti’s memory loss symptoms, these constantly repeated lapses are especially amusing to her.

     I suspect this story might be difficult to sit and 'read' because it is a madcap, rambling, tall-tale more like an extended Monty Python piece. Yet it’s ideal for us in the car and more importantly for Patti who listens through cerebral confusion and storyline interruptions between times she is a passenger. You can jump in anywhere and taste a sentence or savor a chapter.

     ... and always be reminded about hollow chocolate bunnies while you can still get your hands on some. It would be maddening to read or listen to this any other time of year. <grin>

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  1. this was delightful to read; truly an interesting book for this season of the year and season of your life. May you enjoy a hollow bunny in a few days with the Easter day :)



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