Thursday, April 27, 2006

Caregiving: ... anticipatory management

     Anticipatory management of the unknown – now there is a phrase for a caregiving resume. <grin> 

     As captured in the following two entries, too often most of your time on any given week will end up being devoted to issues that were not even 'on the radar' when the previous week ended.


  1. On April 1st we were terminated with Kaiser in California.
    This week we received our Medicare Supplement Insurance and Jack's prescription card came with a disclaimer that is might not be accepted by Medicare???? so if it isn't then we would have to pay the company,etc.  They didn't say they would return our premium! lol  We spent 25 days in limbo even though we had paid our $6000.
    Our termination was because we had moved from California and established residense in Oklahoma.  Our area of Oklahoma has no HMO'S so we have to buy independent insurance.

    Getting termination letters from Kaiser took a number of phone calls, written communication, faxes and then they didn't follow any of the directions.  Sooooooo I know a little of the frustration.

  2. but of course, it comes as part of the course of being a care giver; never know what life will throw at you. Always an adventure



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