Monday, April 24, 2006

Caregiving: MS Walk 2006 Camp Hill

     Last year Patti ‘suddenly’ decided she wanted to participate in the MS Walk. For the previous 19 years since she was diagnosed with MS, for one reason or another, we had never participated. After all “living with MS” on a daily basis is different than rallying to a once a year fundraising drive.   

     A year ago, with less than a week’s notice I was humbled by the response from family and friends. With no time for anything except an email request for $5 or $10 donations hoping to raise $100 to ‘earn’ Patti an MS Walk t-shirt, our family team of three grew to 10 walkers and donations totaled $697.

     This year Patti’s Mom, Gloria Decker, organized and captained a family & friends team much earlier. Patti’s 2006 team numbered over 21 walkers, 2 toddlers in a stroller, and two dogs. Gloria reports that “roughly estimated the group turned in close to $2,000 in donations.”

     The Central Penn Chapter of NMSS chapter goal is a One Million Dollar MS Walk. They calculate if each ’05 team increased its fundraising 20% for ’06, then the One Million Dollar Goal is attainable. Patti’s wonderful 2006 family & friends team delivered an increase of 180%.

     Temps were great in the 60’s and the walk route itself was a pleasant stroll of 2.6 miles. (Measured both on my van odometer and the pedometer supplied by NMSS.)  Now on the other hand, 2.6 miles of being jostled, bumped, jarred along sidewalks, up and down curbs, and then rained on for the last half mile left Patti so exhausted she was out like a light for 3 hrs for her afternoon nap. When I woke her for dinner, she ate less than half and just wanted to go back to bed. <grin>  It was a good kind of exhaustion and a well deserved rest.  

     THANK YOU to everyone!   

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  1. what a great turnout:) so glad Patti could partcipate:) have a good week:)


  2. awesome support and participation!! Looks like it was a fun time for all; except for the part in the rain. Just imagine what next year will be like! WTG to all.


  3. A lovely day and a memory to cherish and hold dear.


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