Tuesday, December 14, 2004

AOL Health Newsletter, Week of Dec 12th

Interesting and somewhat appropriate “food for thought” regarding MS and this holiday season in this recent AOL Health Newsletter.  A study on BIRTH month and MS risk plus the ‘hot button’ topic of stem cell HOPE. Most fascinating, NOT controversial embryo stem cells but rather stem cells taken from adult nerve tissue. And last but not least “STRESS LESS” …

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Health News Headlines


Birth Month Tied to MS Risk

Which month carries the highest risk of MS and which has the lowest? Plus, find out what this research says about the possible origins of the disease.


Stem Cells Hold Hope forMS

Stem cells might be able to reverse damage caused by MS. How far away is the technique from becoming reality?




This Holiday, Stress Less

The holidays can provide plenty of joy. But they can also give you extra helpings of all the things that can fuel MS symptoms. Check out these expert tips for taming the stress.

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