Wednesday, December 29, 2004

photograph gifts

Stopped by to visit Patti this afternoon (Wednesday)  she was still lounging in bed at 3 PM !! <grin>

I wanted to give her two bracelets she had gotten as gifts on or around Christmas and had forgotten and left at home.  …. Some article I had read recommended using your digital camera to photograph valuables, clothing, etc taken to nursing homes / care facilities. … Photos improve identification in case of misplacement, forgetting where things are left, etc.  …

A staff member walked in while we were talking and asked Patti about Christmas weekend. --- Patti explained she didn’t really do anything special, she thought she may have gone to Megan’s house for a couple hours, but maybe not. <GRIN>  …. (What can you do? At least I’m not stiff anymore <grin> )

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  1. When we stopped in at 4:00 PM she was still lounging in bed but said she quite bored, we sent her Dad out for some chicken strips and fries for dinner and then we played a game of Trivial Pursuit...Patti helped me win the game.


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