Friday, December 24, 2004

Christmas Card

             CHRISTMAS 2004
     Some years are remembered and others can never be forgotten.
     Patti*s nearly 20 year struggle with Multiple Sclerosis progressed to a 24/7 attended care facility this past Spring. MS simply overwhelmed homecare.
     Patti is safer, no longer isolated, and in many positive ways empowered. It is complicated to speak for Patti; MS has affected so much of her cerebral functions in addition to physical abilities.
     Patti and I began the process of looking at care facilities almost two years ago when her cognitive functions were better and she could participate in the future planning of her care. Patti somehow finds the positive, once remarking, "It's almost like being rich, having ALL these people to take care of me."
     Sure I can detail the pluses and play spin doctor; yet as a spouse/caregiver of equal time it feels hollow. Under pressure for years, that defeat of home caregiving is a disheartening and exhausting transition. This holiday season has been frustrating. Even Job ranted and raved, and I can assure you I am no Job.
     Time has been so determined by MS and caregiving that family, friends, and who knows what else has been forbidden in the past and is now turned upside down. It is a confusing time like peeking out of a chrysalis into something new and unknown for each of us.
     The family benchmark of Megan's 16th birthday occurred 2 months after Patti was admitted. Balance in life, or Yin Yang, may as well be a roller coaster around here.
     Parenting time has certainly benefited. From Greenwich Villageto the Pacific Ocean, Megan and I seized several opportunities for new adventure and time together, including a 'road trip' in a convertible through the SouthWest.     
     Cyberspace joined the family when we began sharing the transition to a care facility through an Internet Journal. Originally simply to make communication easier; however it soon grew to sharing our experience with others who face similar situations. Please drop in and visit
     Holiday seasons are tapestries of memories. Good, and the not so good, are interwoven. This 2004 patch feels like it has been added with a jackhammer.
    Thank you for your holiday wishes. We, in turn, wish you joy and good tidings. We pray for peace and the safe return of the women and men of our Armed Forces.
Patrick, Patti, & Megan

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  1. We all pray for 2005 to bring some positive incidents and memories to fill our hearts in the future.  Merry, merry to you in live journal)


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