Thursday, December 23, 2004

holiday frustrations

“… That joy is greatest when the people around us are healthy and like their lives and future. But for the rest of us in caregiving roles, the holidays can be a time of great frustration …”

This simple line from yesterday’s entry has played and replayed in my head. Each year I want to believe it will be different. Somehow no matter how the formula changes the outcome still equals a time of great frustration.

Because I am a caregiver I spend time with both the able bodied and those who can no longer care for themselves. I feel and experience both worlds

This time of year unquestionably brings out the worst in people. I don’t mean outright hate but consumer driven madness and competition. Obsession with traditions that are no longer about people but status and image. Gifts are not in the least about ‘giving’ any more.

As a caregiver/spouse/single parent your world is already economically challenged, time challenged, and emotionally challenged.

I don't believe it’s that people are mean spirited. The able bodied are basically clueless.

It’s a fine line that separates Christmas from being a ‘family’ holiday or gasoline on a fire.


  1. So true!! I find I have to let the "world" go and protect my sanity and the peace of my home.

  2. We gave up Christmas years ago. Last year one of the girls asked if it would be an inconvenience if she came out.   I said it would be nice to just relax that day with no pressure.  She really hasn't forgiven me for that.   But I have to think first of the patient and ME!  The others be dammed! (that sounds bad but sometimes you have to be truthful)cf


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